connecting - creating goodness


My client base includes the manager who finds herself in constant battle with her boss to the husband who has been taken by surprise by the unfaithfulness of his wife and finds himself lost and desperate.


One-on-one coaching in English and German in:

  • managing crisis (divorce, loss of a beloved, after a burnout, etc.) 
  • driving personal development 
  • resolving a current conflict and helping to bring about change
  • supporting professional transition phases and career planning decisions 
  • clarifying decisions so that they can be taken with ease
  • finding happiness.

Some people work with me to analyse and improve on one isolated subject or to reach a specific decision With others, the actual core of what they want to work on only emerges within the coaching and needs to be extracted from all the hurt that motivated them to choose coaching in the first place. This explains why each coaching is different, covers different time spans and why each session is tailer-made for my clients.


Basically, coaching benefits anyone who wants to understand or work on an aspect of their life.